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Stephanie & Pat's


This wedding day is quite special to me. I feel like it was a major turning point in my wedding photography career. Not only was it just a beautiful day, but it just was full of so much love and we were blessed with perfect light all day long (such a photographer thing to say, I know!).

This wedding also was a mini reunion for me and some of my high school teachers. Stephanie is a teacher at my old high school, however I don't believe we crossed paths whilst I was there. So it was great to see old teachers of mine, and to show them where I am now and what I am doing!

This wedding began at Steph and Pats home (which I am forever fawning over due to their incredible renovations and decorating!) where the boys managed to sink a drink and have a laugh (of course this was all after Pats morning gym session).

Following this, was Steph at a sweet little Air BnB in Flinders. (let's pretend I didn't get lost trying to find it, too). After much chit chat with her father and playtime with her niece and nephew, finally a perfect bride emerged. The winter style bouquet and the lace dress, every touch was magic. 

Their ceremony began at Flinders Yacht Club, overlooking the ocean with waves crashing as the tide was in. People cried, smiled and laughed, and the two became one. The club was decorated so perfectly (of course by Stephanie) and no detail went unnoticed.

Their reception was a great big party where I made friends with so many guests and when my 'knock off' time arrived, I didn't even want to leave! This wedding day stands as one of my favourite weddings to photograph, and I can't wait for many more just like this.