Sarah & Steve's


Have you ever been to a surprise wedding, that was also a baby announcement? Well Sarah and Steve's wedding was exactly that, and it was put together with so much love and creativity. Friends gathered for what they believed was an engagement party to celebrate the love of Sarah and Steve. However, when Sarah was running "late" to her own party, suspicion rose and then guests were ushered to the garden where a gorgeous ceremony was set up, and there was Steve at the alter.

And shortly after, down the aisle came Sarah. The ceremony had people is tears and shock, but most of all, pure happiness.

This day was also quite magical in other ways. The weather report for this day was hail, storms and nothing but rain and misery. Sarah and I anxiously watched the skies and checked the rain radar regularly. The morning had rained on and off. We were expecting it to pour down right on her arrival (because let's face it, mother nature doesn't always have polite timing). However, on this day we were lucky. We managed to get through the ceremony with no rain. As it was concluding, a cold chill took over and we knew we were running out of time. We raced off to do our portrait photos and I swear this was the quickest wedding portrait session I've ever done! (Thank God for caffeine, right?).

20 minutes in and I'd gotten almost everything I wanted and it suddenly started to pour. Huddled under a shelter we waited for it to pass. In 10 minutes it was gone. We raced down the driveway to get some more shots and in another 10 minutes we were done and we were back inside to safety and warmth. 

With their speeches, Steve's best man (who is from the UK, where Steve originally is from) had set up a surprise video compiled of all his family and friends back home sending their well wishes for them, it was so beautiful! (OK I'll admit it, I may have teared up!)

When it was Steve and Sarah's speech time, they dropped a bombshell on their guests by announcing their pregnancy. It really was a killer wedding day with so many emotions running through everyone and I left this wedding feeling overwhelmed with euphoria. I am so lucky to do what I do, and I love it with every fibre of my being.

Sarah & Steve had the most magical surprise day, and I hope to photograph more weddings  like this.

''Be silly and laugh every day, be thoughtful and generous, kiss each other good night, learn from each other, fall in love and grow old together.’’

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