Lucas & Mel's


This wedding was particularly special to me. I know what you're thinking, "Emily, you say that about every wedding", but I can't help it! This wedding was between two friends of mine that I went to high school with. Having witnessed their love over all of the years I can certainly say it was an honour to photograph their wedding day. Not only that, but I actually photographed their proposal, their engagement party, and their pre wedding engagement photos. This wedding day though, I was not only a photographer but I was a guest, and that was truly special. 

There are some couples that look at each other and everyone else around them can just see the fireworks flying. Lucas and Mel are exactly that.

Lyrebird falls was their wedding venue, and this too was special as it was the venue where my brother got married. And it is a venue that has always gone above and beyond!

The ceremony was beautiful, and again I cried as usual. Luckily I have my camera to hide behind!

After a few portraits on the famous Lyrebird Falls bridge across the car park, we then headed to the Alfred Nicholas Gardens (another favourite of mine, particularly in Autumn).

We went down to the lake which is like a magical fairytale. If you haven't been I seriously recommend that you do. Perfect date spot!

We wanted to cross the bridge to the island part which is surrounded by the lake, but they had signs up preventing people from crossing due to "safety hazard" however I'd seen that sign many time before and was just there a few days before and it was open, so I knew it was just a deterrent for people. We attempted to jump the sign, which for us not in wedding dresses wasn't all too hard. Mel absolutely killed it and just dove in with her dress around her waiste - and with determination!

We smashed through our bridal party photos as we were losing daylight quickly. Mel has said to me she just wanted big autumn leaves in her photos. And at this point it was all just looking pretty green. I took her around the corner to a gorgeous autumn tree that had hundreds of leaves dropping. It was perfect and she was so happy. 

We headed back to the ceremony and being a guest I was pretty happy to take a seat at the table with my partner (also my sidekick photographer for the day) and have a glass of wine and relax. 

We ate delicious food, and photographed the night as it unfolded. With bumping and grinding and dropping it low, slow dances and making new friends, it was an unforgettable night. 

"I promise to show you the strength that you show me.  I promise to never leave you without a kiss goodnight or a cuddle goodbye."

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