Karen & Craig's


I met Karen and Craig in late April of 2017. They were getting married by themselves on the beach at Rosebud, and when I heard their story I fell in love with it. We were hoping for some gorgeous Autumn weather that coming May, but we prepared for the winter chill and rain to have hit. But on the day, it was a glorious sunny day.

They both got ready at their sweet little home in Rosebud. Carefully dodging and hoping not to accidentally bump into one another.

With no bridesmaids or groomsmen, no guests at all in fact, I helped Karen pick which dress to wear (yes, she had thoughtfully prepared two!)

We went down to the beach and it was tears straight from the start, I even had to fix Karen's makeup at one point! (photographer/acting bridesmaid anyone?)

The one thing I learnt from these two was this.

That they just wanted to be married.

They just wanted to seal the deal and be husband and wife. They said when they met they just knew they were the one for each other. And sparks have been flying ever since.

With only two witnesses, they were wed. And we had the whole beach to ourselves to take our portraits I followed them around and snapped as their expression for each other unfolded. We went to the Rosebud Pier and they danced along the sand island.

Finishing up this gorgeous day we went to Montalto in Red Hill (sensational venue might I ay!) and finished with some photos in the vineyards. And then off to a pizza and wine lunch they went. Happily ever after.

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