Kelly & Ricky's


Kelly and Ricky have been together for so long, that getting married was a no-brainer! 
After accomplishing so much in their time together, this was just the icing on the cake.

We experience a classic Melbourne crazy weather day, with it being 40 degrees all day and then a wild rain storm shortly after the ceremony. It happened during our portraits which had us heading for shelter (it was so odd being hot and rained on at the same time, ha!).

We decided to call it, go join the guests and return for more portraits later as the sun sets. (The pros of having a summer wedding, so much time for portraits).

It was actually so nice to go back out again at sunset, it was more of a dusky vibe with soft colours and it was a great break from the reception for Kelly and Ricky to truly engage and soak it all in. Often the day can go by so fast and you're so distracted, so this was great.

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