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Andrew & Nick

Baxter Barn

15 January 2021

I know you’re good at why you do, but omg, I feel sorry for anyone that doesn’t have you as their photographer!

Awww now you’re making me cry all over again. Thank you so much it was just such an amazing evening and these photos are INCREDIBLE, we had a blast being in them and hanging out with you 😍

I am dead. I knew you were good, but these photos are amazing! I even think I look good in them, I don’t think I can thank you enough. Everything you, Irwin and Takumi did made us so comfortable and at ease. We were saying last night, it even felt like we had some moments alone, even though you were all there. You are not only the greatest photographer but such an amazing person, it really was an honour to have you at our wedding ❤️

From the couple
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