About Me

Hey, I'm Emily. A professional Netflix browser, dog obsessing, unashamed belly laughing photographer of love!

So you've decided to do this whole wedding thing, and I am super dooper grateful that you're here on my page considering me to document it all for you! 

I'm all about documenting authentic and real moments, to their true value. No awkward blank stares, no moody expressionless faces. Let's get those deep belly laughs, and those smiles that hurt your face, and then that moment when all that calms and settles and you sigh with content knowing that this person standing with you, is the rest of your life.

I'm definitely not the black polo shirt with a logo type of gal, I'm the keep it real and just blend in with your guests kind. So much so that I often get mistaken for a guest, and by the end of the night I'll be on that dance floor dropping some bad dance moves with all my new pals for sure!

When I am not photographing weddings, I'm probably bulk watching the TV show Friends (it's my absolute favourite, and I watch seasons 1-10 on repeat), or running amok with my dogs and lambs in my paddocks. My wife and I have two beagles and three lambs, and we love them more than life. My favourite food is pizza and chocolate, and I love cosy winter nights on the couch. We live on a farm that we hope to fill with lots of rescue baby farm animals, and raise a family one day.

My two favourite music artists are Alec Benjamin and Troye Sivan. My favourite movie is Titanic (and I watch it once every 6 months, it's compulsory in my house), and I once crashed my bike into someones campfire and walked away unharmed haha.

I've been a photographer for 10 years now, specialising in weddings for 7 years. I run this business full time, along with my wife Riley who is my associate photographer. Sharing a love for photography is something truly special that we value. 

It’s my job to ensure you feel comfortable in front of the camera while you enjoy your vows, your family, your friends and most of all, each other.


You do you, and I’ll photograph it. Send me an email, and let’s get this love-fest started!

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