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  • How much coverage would we need?
    I recommend 8 hours as the best coverage. This covers your prep photos through to the formalities and dance floor fun. In some cases 10 hours is ideal if you have a bit of travel between locations, or if you’re doing a First Look. I also offer smaller packages for elopements or micro weddings. Get in touch if you’re after a smaller package.
  • Where are you based?
    I am based in a gorgeous little town called Koo Wee Rup in South East Melbourne, however I love to travel so would be up for going anywhere! If you’d like to meet me and have a chat before booking in, we can jump on a Zoom call together.
  • How many photos will we receive and what is the turnaround time?
    Each wedding is different and I love to capture all the moments, so you can expect to receive 100-150 images per hour I am capturing your wedding. I generally say 800-1000 images for an 8 hour day. Full gallery delivery can be expected 3-6 weeks after your wedding. Generally, it’s closer to the 3 week mark. I am not the kind of photographer who will leave you waiting and waiting, I am productive and will prioritise your wedding.
  • We are really awkward and aren't too keen on photos – can you help us?
    Firstly – if I had a dollar for every time anyone said this to me, I’d be a millionaire (not really, more like a thousandaire). And secondly, I promise you won’t feel like this on the day. I am like a little ninja, running around in the shadows and capturing all of the things, while cracking some seriously silly jokes to get those deep belly laughs. I have a few tricks up my sleeve when it comes to portraits to really help you relax, and the rest of the time you just enjoy your day and I'll capture candid moments from the sidelines. My most common feedback I get is how relaxed I make people feel, and how they felt so comfortable and at ease with me. If you're really nervous, we can do an engagement photo session before your wedding day for a bit of practice.
  • Do you travel?
    You bet. I absolutely love travelling and exploring places I've never been before. I do custom travel packages, so get in touch and I'll make it happen.
  • I'm in – how do I book?
    Woo! I require a $750 retainer to secure your booking and a contract signed and then we are ready to rock and roll. Send me an email to get my Pricing PDF in your inbox.
  • Can we get an album at a later date?
    For sure! There is no time limit on ordering albums, so take your time and let me know when you're ready.
  • Do we need a second shooter?
    Most of the time I'm like James Bond – I work alone. However, I can absolutely get a second shooter if it is required (extensive travel between locations or needing to be in two places at once). If you are doing a first look, it's a great idea to have a second shooter as both reactions are easily captured.
  • What is an unplugged ceremony and should we have one?
    I love an unplugged ceremony. Essentially, the idea is for all guests to put away their devices during the ceremony so they can be totally present. No-one likes their wedding photos to be photo bombed by Aunty Sue with her giant iPad with a flip out cover (I am telling you there's always one at every wedding, seriously). But beyond that, it's a really good opportunity to take the situation into your own hands and invite them to feel all the emotions, tears and laughter every ceremony brings. It allows me to do the best possible job as I don't have to navigate devices, and I can capture true, authentic reactions of your guests.

Frequently asked questions

When planning your wedding I totally understand that this is a totally new ball game so the questions are endless! Here is a selection of my most-asked questions so you can start the planning process!

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